Personalised Business Broking Service

Rick Di Mecola is the guy you want in your corner when it comes to securing the best price for the business you have spent years building.

His extensive experience in the business broking industry also makes him the perfect choice when it comes to sourcing the best business opportunity to meet your future endeavours and budget.

For more than 20 years’ Rick has worked with business owners within Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and surrounding areas to uncover the true value of their business, and strategically source quality buyers. It is this experience that gives Rick a unique insight into the workings of a variety of business sectors, an understanding of the local market, and an uncanny sense when it comes to identifying the right buyer.

When working with those looking to jump into the world of owning their own business, Rick will take the time to help you discover your true calling, understand the viability of a business that might be for sale, and walk you through the acquisition process.

Rick is proud to offer a service that is founded in integrity, confidentiality and experience. It is this foundation that ensures Rick can deliver a personalised business broking service that begins and ends with him. No longer will you have to deal with a faceless corporation when navigating your next business venture. With Rick, you get what you see, and what you see is an experienced professional who is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for you and your business.

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